“Sherie is amazing! She is the body whisperer, her hands magically find all the bits that need healing, and it’s done. I am soaking in an epsom salt bath post massage and all the pain in my back has been released and moved on.”
– Katka Adams

“Before becoming a client of Sherie’s over 3 years ago I struggled with regular pain, whether it be in my foot from a birthing issue, or in my neck and back from work-related issues, the pain would range from niggling to extreme!! Sherie has been able to give me a relatively pain free life, it is through regular appointments and her attention to each individual client that I can now live a lot more pain free and I thank her very much for the relief”
– Jason Clements

“I was recommended to Sherie Foyle Remedial Massage by several friends as I was suffering from sleepless nights due to chronic back and shoulder pain. I was particularly impressed by Sherie’s holistic and professional approach which gave significant relief.Sherie shared advice which has helped me maintain wellness and improved my health and fitness. She listens to what you say and has a depth of experience in healing. I have no doubt my regular visits keep me balanced and pain free. I now sleep well again.”
– Jannelle Smith

“I have suffered from chronic back pain since I was pregnant with my first child over 7 years ago. My job also requires a lot of lifting and for me to be on my feet all day, causing regular shoulder and neck tension. Having previously tried a number of osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists, nothing has relieved the pain to the same degree as a remedial massage from Sherie.I also found that by having regular massages throughout my most recent pregnancy, the severe neuropathic pain I incurred during my first pregnancy never took hold. Sherie’s professional and friendly approach makes it a truly enjoyable experience.”
– Kate D

“Sherie has been able to offer me more than just her healing hands, freeing me of pain from my life in general, sports and training injuries, stress of work, etc. I always feel safe and comfortable with her. She cares for me and listens to what I have to say. I can choose to chat or sleep. She always gives me lots of feedback and encouragement for self maintenance also! I can’t thank you enough Sherie.”
– Jane K

“I have been receiving regular massages from Sherie for several years, having been referred from my physio, who could not rid me of my hip pain. Sherie is magic! I no longer have hip pain! She is very professional and truly cares about each and every client individually. Yes, she can be tough on knots (a good hurt). My big weightlifting husband is also a client of Sherie’s, and was amazed initially at how strong she was and how deep she could work his muscles. We would recommend her to anybody!”
– Chris and Kath

“I have been visiting Sherie Foyle for many years and she’s the most amazing therapist. I have what she likes to call a difficult back but she always manages to make me feel amazing after each visit even when I have walked in “in agony!” She goes beyond just massaging she looks deeper into your health and really cares about your wellbeing. She is not just my massage therapist but has become a great friend and I would continue to recommend Sherie to anyone.”
– Sherilee Matthews

“After having a double mastectomy in June this year, I have been having weekly to fortnightly massages with Sherie Foyle and have found an amazing difference in movement and a huge reduction in both back pain and swelling. Her care and love for me has been unbelievable. I have been a regular client of Sherie’s for the last 4 years and have travelled the world extensively during that time and am STILL yet to find a better massage. Thank you Sherie Foyle, you’re the best!”
– Jodie McRae

“Sherie is a wonderful, caring brilliant masseuse who has been treating me for over a few years now. Sherie has been able to effectively treat and prevent me from sporting injuries, even through an intensive Ironman training program. She understands the body and knows exactly where to target problem areas with the right approach. I have a degenerative disk disorder in my neck that has been pain free since going to Sherie on a monthly basis, no more headaches or neck seizures which was once a common occurrence. I can highly recommend Sherie for anyone that has stubborn muscle soreness anywhere in their body. Thank you Sherie, you’re an absolute gem!”
– Teresa Barnes

“I strongly encourage people I know with persistent injuries to consult Sherie Foyle. I was referred to Sherie by a friend, after about 12 years of debilitating lower back pain from a back injury. Within a few treatments Sherie had me relatively pain-free and off the pain relief medication I had needed for years. Sherie’s massage therapy has done for me what the doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists couldn’t and has truly been an investment in mine and my families quality of life.”
– Dan