Sherie offers the following services to help you with pain, healing, stress & well-being:

is designed to heal and activate the musculoskeletal system. Treat joint, muscle, neural and movement issues. It is an alternative and natural option to improve your health. The treatment is tailored for each patient, designed specifically to address your pain, goals and special requirements.

focuses on helping athletes to perform in optimal condition. It addresses not only the period before and after an event, but also pre-season, off-season and post-season muscular-skeletal requirements. There are a variety of massage therapies that can be incorporated into sports massage such as Swedish, Deep tissue, Remedial or Myofascial cupping. Sports massage can alleviate fatigue, reduce swelling and eliminate muscle tension. It also plays an important role in preventing injuries and maintaining flexibility.While it has been designed for athletes, it is also effective for injury, pain or limited mobility.

is a massage therapy that maps the body as zones that correspond with parts of the feet. By applying pressure to specific areas of the feet this will then treat the corresponding body parts, organs or glands.Reflexology is used to increase energy flow, eliminate tension and improve circulation. It is used to treat all types of conditions such as stress, arthritis, digestive disorders, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, migraines and sleep disorders.

or intramuscular stimulation (IMS) is a technique developed by Dr. Chan Gunn. It involves needling of a muscle’s trigger points without injecting any substance. The approach is based on Western anatomical and neurophysiological principles. It should not be confused with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique of acupuncture. Research has grown to provide evidence-based support in the treatment of acute and chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, tension type and migraine headaches, pelvic girdle pain, knee osteoarthritis, lateral elbow pain and shoulder conditions.

It is non-invasive therapy that brings blood, oxygen and nutrients to the surface area to promote healing. By applying heated cups to specific areas of the skin, a vacuum is created which stimulates blood flow to that region. This procedure aims to help draw out toxins, lower blood pressure and respiration, alleviate muscle tension, reduce swelling and inflammation and allow increased physical mobility. Cupping is fantastic on its own or as an adjunct to massage therapy.